Frequently Asked Questions

What does Altrosky provide?

We provide layer 7 proxies (HTTP and HTTPS) to shield your website. Similar to Cloudflare/Bunny/DDOS-Guard.
So your dedicated server (for example Hetzner) --> Altrosky
We do not forward any abuse mails to your origin.
We cache your content as well.

What server locations do you have?

We currently have a GeoDNS network, with POPs located in the Netherlands and Canada.

What is your pricing?

0.5$ per TB of bandwidth consumed.
You have to spend a minimum of 10$ per month with us, which gives you 20TB a month.
Unused bandwidth is transferred to the next month! But you still need to spend a minimum of 10$ per month.

What if I used more TB's than I bought?

You will be contacted and you have to purchase a minimum of 10TB for 5$, failure to do so will result in suspension 48 hours later.
We are very relaxed about this, it is not something that you should worry about.

What's a backend?

A, preferably, dedicated server where you files are stored.
We advise you to buy these at Hetzner and various other reliable providers.
We are not responsible for your low-quality backends.

I have this cheap FTP server, can it be used as a backend?

No. We need to be able to talk to your backend over HTTP or HTTPS.