What does ALTROSKY provide?
We provide layer7 proxies(http and https) to shield your website. Similar to cloudflare/bunnycdn/ddos-guard
We do not offer layer7 protection, you can however use cloudflare in front of us.
So your dedicated server(for example hetzner) --> altrosky --> cloudflare
This results in all (often fake/invalid) abuse mails being forwarded from cloudflare to us.
We do not forward any abuse mails to your origin.
We cache your content as well, we do our best.

Do you offer vps/vds/dedicated servers?

What server locations do you have?
We currently have an anycast of amsterdam/newyork/singapore/los angeles. We don't focus on pops, only reliability and robustness.

What is your pricing?
3$ per TB of bandwidth consumed.
You have to spend a minimum of 21$ per month with us, which gives you 21TB a month.
Unused bandwidth is transferred to the next month! But you still need to spend a minimum of 21$ per month.

What if I used more TB's than I bought?
You will be contacted and you have to purchase a minimum of 15TB for 15$, failure to do so will result in suspension 24 hours later.
We are very relaxed about this, it is not something that you should worry about.

What's a backend?
A, preferably, dedicated server where you files are stored.
We advise you to buy these at hetzner and various other reliable providers.
We are not responsible for your low-quality backends, please don't expect a 100mbits kimsufi/soyoustart server with ATOM cpu to work properly.

I have this cheap ftp server, can it be used as backend?
No. We need to be able to talk to your backend over http or https.

Can you connect to our backend over wireguard/ipsec/openvpn because we designed it that way?
No. If you're paying more than 300TB(300$) a month, this can be discussed.

Your main page says that you can help us to monetise our site, can you explain?
We have great relations with advertising networks and can assist you in earning money through advertisements on your website.